Myths of Mental Skills Training #2

There are many questions athletes ask when they ponder the possibility of working with a Mental Skills Coach. Sometimes, many questions can be answered by simply unpacking some of the most common myths. In a past blog, I deconstructed one myth.

Today I'm deconstructing Myth #2.

Myth 2: If I work with a Mental Skills Coach it must mean that I am psychologically weak.

The truth is, engaging in mental skill work is more about mastery, leading to increased strength and skill. In other words, we are weakened because we lack skills. Most athletes are not weak people simply because skills are lacking. Over the last 20 years, I have learned that mastery is a long process and as one honors the struggle of mastery they see consistent growth and progress.

However, where our skills are inadequate to the challenge, then weakness is revealed.

In the world of sports when a weakness is revealed, then we become vulnerable. It is this vulnerability that leaves us lacking in getting where we want to go. We must quit being so ashamed, and protected around things that require growth or “MASTERY.” The world does not hold back its expectations. In fact, sport and life are getting more competitive and therefore, we MUST BE BETTER!

One way that we need to better is MENTALLY.

All it takes for most athletes is to have a personal experience with this type of coaching before they realize the power of strengthening this aspect of their life and performance!

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