Stay in the Sport Zone

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  • 6 modules of amazing video content designed to give you ideas of how to apply the concept during your practices. Each will offer different examples of applying the concept so you can find what works for you.

    You will experience a clear description of each principle as well as practical applications to ensure your ability to apply each principle to your life and sport.

  • Downloadable resources
  • A FREE Stay In The Sport Zone Practice Pledge
  • Printable Journal Pages
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What People Are Saying:

This email is to THANK YOU for your great video series Stay in the Sport Zone, I spoke with you on what you offer athletes for working on building their mental skills. After hearing all the options we ended up going with the online “Stay in the Sport Zone” online program where my kids could work at their pace and even revisit different concepts. I don't think I could possibly convey to you in an email what a big difference, in a positive way, your online program made to my daughter this senior season of her high school career. It was pretty amazing! We've always thought she had many athletic tools but for the first time, I think EVER, she was a very composed and confident athlete even when she had a few minor set backs. It was such fun to watch her all season long and admire the personal growth she made. She made some big goals for herself.... and she accomplished them. Knowing this kid -- this came down to her finding something she'd never had before and that was truly a mental edge. She ended up accomplishing LIFETIME best time in her event (by a lot, after 2 years of a plateau) and making individual All - State which was the biggest deal ever to her. She diligently and completely (on her own) used your program all season and grew as an athlete. It was obvious to me she connected with the concepts and used them to grow and enjoyed the process. She enjoyed her season so much she's planning to continue in college. Just want to say thank you for having that program available!! It's made a huge difference to a kid who has now wrapped up her high school career in a sport she has put so much time into, in the most positive outcome we could have hoped for. THANK YOU!

Parent of a student athlete

"I’d tell “High Acheivers” to sign up for Stay in the Sport Zone Coaching so Shaun can help them too. I’m more confident and I’m enjoying life a lot more now than I was before!”


“I struggled with injury after injury with my sport and about 3 injuries into it I was about ready to give it up, the depression was setting in based on experiences I gone through. Shaun’s coaching helped me figure out was what going on in my head and heart and I was able to smile and have hope. The experience has been unbelievable!


“Confidence, just pure confidence. Coaching gave me a sense of ‘I’m here and I’m ready to do something. My mental side of my game isn’t going to hold me back.’ Coaching will help you grow mentally, help you think through things and think the game better."


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