High Performance Group Coaching for Parents

The challenge facing parents today is to maintain the ability to influence their children as they encounter a variety of challenges throughout their kid's life experiences as their children grow up.

Every parent desires to be a positive influence in the lives of their children. The older our children become, the more difficult it is to translate our intention into life-enhancing experiences leading to a healthy influence with our kids. Many kids give their parents the impression that they are disinterested in their opinions by becoming oppositional or apathetic. Because of this dynamic, parents are left with no real “manual” on how to proceed and often become frustrated, disappointed, manipulative, and even controlling in an attempt to find their way back to influence and control with their children.

It is important to say at this point that discouragement within parents drives them to do many “ineffective” things with the intention to be helpful. Some end up bullying their way into the personal space of their children by incessantly asking questions, communicating a desire to help, yet not demonstrating the ability to exhibit the patience it takes for the child to open the door on their own, as well as other desperate attempts to be helpful. These attempts to gain pertinent knowledge of our children backfire because our motivation and emotional positioning leave our kids feeling manipulated and coerced. Although not all parents revert to these types of tactics, enough do so that many children begin disconnecting themselves from the influence and relationship of their parents in an attempt to rescue themselves from interactions that leave them empty, discouraged, disappointed, controlled, and feeling extremely misunderstood.

The goal of the High-Performance Parent Coaching is to equip YOU, the parents, with the skills and understanding needed to enjoy your kid’s at all stages of their life experiences.

Each month Shaun will train you how to capitalize on teachable moments, work cooperatively with sports coaches/teachers, and teach you how to help your children become life ready all while enhancing the parent-child relationship for the long haul.

You'll get two one-hour Group Coaching Calls each month that include the teaching of the vital parenting skills that so often elude parents and time for Q & A, access to the coaching call recordings and bonus materials.

"High-Performance Parenting sessions are a family game changer. They increase your knowledge, challenge your misconceptions, and encourage your families future. Each session tackles a different topic with an open question and answer period for personal situations. Shaun offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is beneficial to all ages and stages of parenting!"  ~Christine Horton

High Performance Parent Coaching Group

Monthly fee Includes:

2 One-hour High Performance Parent Coaching Calls in a group format

          Coaching and Training

          Q & A time

Access to all coaching call recordings (Past and Current)

Supporting material and worksheets

Bonus articles and reports

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$50.00 USD every month