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Training your mind to give you an Edge on your Competition

"I would not pass up this opportunity if I were you. When I played in college, the Olympics, and in the NHL I had many ups and downs as a player. Those ups and downs revealed to me that I needed to do some work with my MENTAL GAME. At that point, I reached out to someone to help me with this part of my game, and it changed my game and my life!

Now YOU get the chance to train your mental skills through Shaun Goodsell's new coaching experience, EDGE WORK 2.0. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you register for this coaching experience. Shaun has a unique and practical way of teaching these often hard to explain skills.


~ Scott Bjugstad, Scott Bjugstad Shooting School, Collegiate, Olympic and NHL  Hockey Player

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If you have ever been around hockey, you know that one of the most important types of work to do is “EDGE WORK.” The best and most powerful skaters in the world are masterful at “EDGE WORK.” This type of work refers to the skaters capacity to use the edges of their blades on their skates to turn sharply, powerfully, and skillfully. This work is critical for one to be a great skater.

In the same way that EDGE WORK is critical for a skater, it is also VITAL for EVERY athlete to do Mental ”EDGE WORK." The importance of the mental game is not in question; however, most athletes have never learned the power of MENTAL EDGE WORK or how to train this part of their game and life.

That's why I've created a new power-packed mental coaching program just for you.  Edge Work 2.0 is a weekly coaching program that trains you on a new mental performance skill each week.

Before we go on, I know there are some myths that surround this type of coaching so I want to bust them now...

Myth 1: I have to be struggling to benefit from “EDGE” work.
Back in the day, many only heard of athletes working with psychologists or Mental Skill coaches when a STRUGGLE was identified. The truth is Mental Skills work can be learned, strengthened, and sharpened no matter how you are performing. You would never say to yourself, “I am playing good enough so I can stop getting stronger and more skilled." It is common to keep pursuing mastery of skills, so why would we ever believe that MENTAL SKILL work is any different?

Myth 2: If I work with a Mental Skills coach it must mean that I am psychologically weak.
The truth is doing mental skill work is more about mastery that leads to increased strength. In other words, we are weakened because we lack skills. We are not weak people because we need to grow more skilled. Over the last 20 years, I have learned that mastery is a long process. However, where our skills are inadequate to the challenge, then weakness is revealed. We must quit being so ashamed and protected around things that require growth or “MASTERY.” The world does not hold back its expectations. In fact, sport and life are getting more competitive and therefore, we MUST BE BETTER! One way that we need to get better is MENTALLY.

Myth 3:  Doing MENTAL SKILLS work will be boring, painful, and a waste. Thinking, "I can do this on my own by just trying harder and being more positive."
The truth is, if you talk to the people I work with you will find that some started with this very thought. It was not too long before this became their absolute FAVORITE part of training. It was INSPIRING, INSIGHTFUL, ENCOURAGING, HELPFUL, and maybe most importantly, SO BENEFICIAL!

Edge Work is intended to help you get a taste of of Mental Skills Coaching so you can experience the power of this type of work.

Topics that are critical to gaining that elusive MENTAL EDGE and will be trained in Edge Work 2.0 are:

(3) Confidence Building Practices
Turning Challenges into Pathways to HIGH PERFORMANCE
Overcoming the Fear of Failure
Practicing with a Purpose
(3) Ways to Become Your Own Coach
Training vs. Practice
Winning is Only Part of the Prize
Overcoming Discouragement
Leadership can be Learned
There is an "I" in TEAM
Talent not EXPRESSED Leads to REGRET
What to do when your “WANT TO” is WEAK
Dealing with OVERWHELM
Engagement, Energy, Execution
Focus Unleashes Flow
What Really Matters?
Intentional Excellence
Less is More

These topics will be taught so that you can genuinely engage and leverage the power of mental skills coaching to bring your absolute best to your craft.


You'll get:

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Lifetime access to every coaching call recording and Shaun's notes

Live Q &  A during the coaching calls to ask your questions

Bonus: access to ALL Edge Work Summer 2018 recordings and notes


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