High School Athletes



High school athletes are faced with many challenges in their busy schedules; from practice to schoolwork, to friends. 1 Vision takes away the guess work within training and nutrition while helping balance a busy schedule so that our athletes can focus on THEIR vision of excelling in their sport with proper fuel, performance, and recovery.

Former Collegiate Athletes



Collegiate athletes understand the discipline it takes to shine in their craft. Now, outside of their collegiate excellence, former college athletes must gain an UNDERSTANDING of their training and nutrition without being forced to follow blindly by their coaches. With 1 Vision, our former collegiate athletes have a firm grasp on what it takes to find their purposeful training and nutrition empowerment through a lens of understanding why they are enhancing the longevity of their mind and body.

Health & Fitness Enthusiasts who want to Crush their Nutrition & Training Goals


Discerning one’s health is a vital component of a successful, purpose filled, and masterful lifestyle. Without our health, we have nothing! At 1 Vision, our athletes and everyday gym goers   MUST comprehend their training and nutrition in order to set themselves up for lifelong wellness, not only for themselves, but for their friends and family as well.

I will end the confusion of the Fitness & Nutrition World for you!

  • Are you someone that feels overwhelmed with the information online regarding training and nutrition?
  • Do you feel like you don’t have a clear starting point towards a healthier, stronger, and happier lifestyle for yourself?
  • Do you struggle to understand the mental principles that it takes to be successful with your longevity towards a healthier life?

If you’re looking for someone that can guide and help you through this journey, I have a complete training and nutrition coaching program that includes a structured approach to gaining long-term success.

My program is a gateway to clarity. Forget the times of all-or-nothing approaches when it comes to your health. You deserve to be coached through a strategic process that focuses on progressively applying training and nutrition principles with a unique mental performance emphasis.

For just a small fee, we will start with a 1-on-1 Coaching Call AND you'll gain access to our coaching videos and trainings that will provide you the guidance you need through learning and applying the 5 P’s of Mental Performance, 5 E’s of Nutrition Execution, and 6 P’s of Training Empowerment. These trainings will serve as your solid foundation moving forward. With 1 Vision, you'll finally understand how to create a sustainable fitness routine that will lead to real results.

Once you have this foundation, in the next level of 1 Vision, I'll provide you with your CUSTOMIZED training and nutrition program. Leave all the thinking and planning to me...YOU simply have to follow the plans!

Don't let the confusion of the fitness world hold you back any longer. Join 1 Vision today and gain the clarity and confidence you need to succeed. Sign up now and start your journey towards lasting success!

Let's Go! I'm ready to talk with Coach Zach!


 My purpose is to coach my clients to live a life of happiness by teaching clear, practical, and actionable strategies gained from my personal life and experience. My clients will be challenged to hold true to their convictions and live boldly in spite of opinions from others. By doing so, they will have clarity, inspiration, and freedom to fully express themselves without limitations. I found this purpose through my years of experience being a client of Shaun Goodsell. I was inspired by the way I was able to take control of my life and master the principles that I was presented. 

Before my life altering mindset shift, I was a hockey player looking to make a name for myself. I was a starter on Minnetonka Varsity as a freshman and captain my senior year. Following that, I played junior hockey in Bismarck, North Dakota within the North American Hockey League, where I was the first rookie captain in the history of the organization. However, it seemed that sports had set me up to look for validation from others through my performance, and subsequently, my perception of myself followed suit. Thus, after many years of being overlooked, disrespected, invalidated, I pursued other passions of mine within bodybuilding. Immediately, I found success within the bodybuilding space as I won my first show that I competed in.

My affinity within a so called, “life pivot”, set me up for a lifetime of enhanced mindfulness towards the happiness of my own life by turning my self image into self ideal through self awareness, realization, discipline, and actualization.

In turn, I resonated with the idea of helping others achieve true happiness within themselves. Therefore, I’m devoted to bringing my clients a life full of purpose, passion, clarity, and freedom to conquer every single day.

Your First Step To A Lifelong Health Strategy



1:1 Coaching Call with Coach Zach plus...

  • 30 minute 1:1 Coaching Call with Expert, Coach Zach
  • Learn the fundamental principles for long-term success
  • Video Coaching on: Nutrition Execution, Mental Performance, &Training Empowerment
  •  Bonus Resources: Application Coaching videos
  • Gain Clarity of Concepts
  • Your Gold program comes with lifetime access

Excel In Your Lifelong Health Strategy



Your Next Step AFTER Gold

  • Introductory assessment

  • Customized training and nutrition programs with your specific grocery list to properly fuel, perform, and recover

  • Weekly video walkthrough check ins with program updates and answering your questions

  • 1:1 WhatsApp texting and group texting 24/7

  • “How To” videos demonstrating your exercises and other must knows

  • Intermediary mindset principles

  • Water Intake guidance

  • Supplement guidance

  • Cardio guidance

  • Adaptation training and nutrition principles

  • Factor meals (any service) optional


"... but, it wasn't just about the physical aspect of fitness - Coach Zach also worked with me on my mindset and helped me develop a positive and empowering attitude towards my health, as well as everyday life."

What they're saying ...

Megan A., 23

I first started working with Zach when I graduated high school and was looking for a way to get in shape and improve my overall health. I had always been interested in fitness, but I didn't know where to start or how to create a sustainable plan for myself. That's when I came to Zach for his training and nutrition services. From the start, I felt comfortable working with him. He was so knowledgeable and approachable, and he really took the time to understand my goals and needs.

He didn't just give me a generic workout or meal plan - he tailored it to my specific goals, fitness level, and preferences. He also taught me about the mindset it takes to succeed in fitness and nutrition. He helped me understand that it's not just about the physical aspect of working out and eating well, but also about the mental and emotional aspects.

Another thing that I really appreciated about working with Zach was his emphasis on progressively overloading all aspects of training and nutrition. He taught me how to gradually increase the intensity and difficulty of my lifestyle, so that I wouldn't get overwhelmed or burn out. This approach helped me to make lasting changes over time that have helped me succeed.

Working with Coach Zach was one of the best decisions I ever made. He not only helped me to improve my fitness and nutrition, but he also helped me to develop a positive and empowering attitude towards my health. He taught me how to think differently about fitness and nutrition, and how to make it a sustainable part of my lifestyle. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him, and I would recommend him to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

Mike W., 24

Working with Zach has been a game changer for me. Before I started training with him, I thought I knew what I was doing at the gym. I was a regular gym goer, but I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. That's when I decided to reach out to Zach for help.

From the very first session, I knew I was in good hands. Zach has a passion for helping others succeed, and it shows in everything he does. He took the time to understand my goals and challenges, and tailored his training and nutrition plan specifically for me.

But what really sets Coach Zach apart from other coaches is his emphasis on LEARNING. He doesn't just tell me what to do, he helps me understand why I'm doing it, and how it will benefit me in the long run. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and he is always willing to share it with his clients.

I've learned so much from Zach, and I've seen some amazing progress in my fitness journey. I've gone from a regular gym goer to a mastery-level lifter, and I couldn't have done it without his guidance and support. He truly is an inspiration to me, and I've even started to emulate some of his daily practices in my own life.

In addition to being an amazing coach, Zach has also become a great friend. He's always there for me, and he has a way of making me feel valued and supported. I can't recommend Zach enough. He has truly improved my life in so many ways.

Max S., 18

I have been working with Zach for the past 2 years and I can confidently say that he has greatly improved my overall performance as a high school hockey player. One of the things that sets him apart as a coach is his emphasis on customized training and nutrition practices towards my sport. He takes the time to understand my individual needs and goals and creates a personalized plan that is tailored to my specific abilities and strengths. This has helped me to improve my strength, endurance, and overall fitness, which has translated to better performance on the ice.

Another aspect of my coach that I appreciate is his empathetic approach to coaching. He has a wealth of experience playing and coaching at a high level, which allows him to understand the challenges that athletes face. He is always willing to listen to my concerns and provide guidance and support to help me overcome them. He is patient, understanding and always there to encourage me when I need it the most. I am grateful to have a coach who truly cares about my well-being and performance.

**Your results may vary. The information in this program is not a substitute for professional health advice, which should be sought before participating in this or any exercise/nutrition program or applying any information in this program. In addition, your coach will not work with enhanced athlete/person.