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Yes! If you are an athlete, professional, parent or someone that simply strives to be their best when it counts the most, then this is for you!  Gaining a mental edge can be very elusive...wouldn't it be nice to have a  high performance coach walk you through to breakthrough?

Shaun Goodsell,
Mental Edge, Inc.

Shaun has worked with LPGA Golfers, National Championship Hockey Players, Professional Triathletes, State Champion Football and Hockey Players, Pro Athletes, Parents and Professionals as well as those who simply want to make “the team.” Every person deals with certain mental interferences and life impairments no matter what level they may be at competitively. As a Performance Coach, it is my challenge to help each individual develop a new way of defining his/her performance – it is not about good or bad, but about looking at what factors go into a quality performance and what each person can do and/or change, individually, to experience just that.

Here's What You Can Expect

By scheduling your coaching call today, you'll find out the importance the mental game is not in question, however, most have never learned the power of MENTAL SKILLS or how to actually train this part of their game and life.

Let me take a minute to dispel some of the most common myths:

Myth 1: I have to be struggling to benefit from a Performance Coach.

Back in the day, many heard of athletes working with psychologists or Mental Skill coaches only when a STRUGGLE was identified. The truth is mental skills work can be learned, strengthened, and sharpened no matter how you are performing. You would never say to yourself: “I am playing good enough to stop getting stronger or more skilled." It is common to keep pursuing mastery of skills so why would we ever believe that MENTAL SKILL work is any different.

Myth 2: If I work with a Mental Skills coach it must mean that I am psychologically weak.

The truth is doing mental skill work is more about mastery that leads to increased strength. In other words, we are weakened because we lack skills. We are not weak people because we need to grow more skilled. Over the last 20 years, I have learned that “Mastery is a long process.” However, where our skills are inadequate to the challenge, then weakness is revealed. We must quit being so ashamed and protected around things that require growth or MASTERY. The world does not hold back its expectations. In fact, sport, business, and life are getting more competitive and therefore, we MUST BE BETTER! One way that we need to better is MENTALLY.

Myth 3: Doing MENTAL SKILLS work will be boring, painful, and a waste. I can do this on my own by just trying harder and being more positive.

If you talk to the people I work with you will find that some started with this very thought. It was not too long before this became their absolute FAVORITE part of training. It was INSPIRING, INSIGHTFUL, ENCOURAGING, HELPFUL, and maybe most importantly, OH SO BENEFICIAL! If this is your biggest barrier then scheduling a FREE COACHING CALL is your next step. You have nothing to lose.

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